Scrolling and animations in Android emulator really slow


No, but I have defined different package & app names.
I’ll try with uninstalling the old one.


@dbar as far as I know crosswalk does not support Android versions < 4.0. Try XDK generated APK on android 4.0+

It seems there is no option to build APKs for 4.0- version, for them we just need to depend on default webview of Android which is not that up to the mark :frowning:



Hum thanks for the tip.
Unfortunately I don’t have a 4.x Android device here :frowning:


Would it also improve performance on Android 4.4.X?
I’m having really slow transitions on 4.4.X devices :frowning:


I noticed a good improvement on ion-list when packaged with crosswalk, but the app size increased a lot !


@Tenzoru well you need not to package android app with crosswalk for 4.4 as Android 4.4 comes with chromium based webview. Why to add extra stuff to your app when you actually don’t need it. Crosswalk is helpful for Android 4.0 to 4.3 versions.


@nbamj Yes app size is a big issue when packing with crosswalk. My app APK was 17.8 MB but after install it takes around 50 MB on phone … that’s too much for phones to handle :frowning:. Without crosswalk it was just 2 MB. Well I think we need to use crosswalk till the time Android 4.4+ does not holds major share in Android market.



Also had extreme sluggish scrolling with my Ionic App on Android 4.3 (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini).

Totally disassembled the code to find out what the reason is. In the end it was only one line of CSS. I had an background image for ion-content with a css class having set

background-attachmend: fixed;

and this was causing the whole problem.

If you have an background-image for your app just don’t use background-attachment: fixed


very very interesting. that might be the exact cause of my woes. i’ll try out a non-fixed background and see if that helps at all. thanks!


I have tried ng-bindonce ( )
It worked well for lists with ng-repeat. Page transition animation got better, though not as fluid as on IOS. Still it s a good improvement.


yes,my app was about 20MB


Hmm. read this discussion, however, i just set up the ‘default’ ionic app, as per the getting started guide, and executing

ionic run android

on an

HTC One M7, running android 4.4.3, screen resolution 1080 * 1920, hardwareAccelerated=true

it gives the same sluggish 5 FPS performance. I have a big impression this is due to the large resolution this device uses. Performance on devices running at a lower resolution, for example,

FairPhone 1, running android 4.2.2, screen resolution 540 * 960, hardwareAccelerated=true

Gives me quite smooth performance. Also smoothm but less smooth than above FP1 performance on

HTC Desire HD, running android 2.3.5, screen resolution 480 * 800, hardwareAccelerated=true

I tested the HTC One with


But that did not change anything. Neither did it change performance on the desire HD (little jaggy but workable) and FP1 (smooth).
As far as i understand, this issue still stands. How can i check whether or not my device has the chromium webview? is there a quick test i could run in the (default) browser which tells me this?

I am not willing to go as far to use third party frameworks / tools to be able to use third party frameworks / tools to run a mobile app (pointing at Intel XDK). Besides, it does not have downward compatibility which is another issue.

Does anyone else know if other Hybrid frameworks have the same performance punishment due to Android devices not implementing decent browser behaviour?




Have you try using genymotion as your emulator?


Why try using an emulator if on the real devices - on which your app will run of course -
do not give satisfying performance?


Looks like the nightly has increased transition, scrolling and animations, try it out!


So I recently started using Eclipse with the ADT to build my release builds, so I followed the instructions here to add Crosswalk: and it worked fine. I started with the ARM framework and then added the x86 libs to it. My apk went from about 5MB to 41.5MB, but list scrolling, fades, etc. work much better on my test Android 4.1.2 test device.

Even with Crosswalk, Ionic scrolling with collection-repeat on Android is pretty janky. I ended up using Ionic scrolling on iOS (where it works fine), and on Android I use If you’re scrolling really fast, you’ll occasionally just see background, and there’s a slight pause when it’s loading the next group of items, but other than that works very well on Android 4.4 natively, and well with <4.4 with Crosswalk.


Thanks for this, there’s definitely some speed improvement. But I must say i’m disappointed that after six months no solution has been found for the sluggish <4.4 android versions. :unamused:


and this still remains the same, that solutions at the end ?.


Wooou thanks removing fixed from images, solved the problem.