Scrollable list of big images - Memory Usage

I have a scrollable list of many pretty big images.
At first I had a memory crash on IOS because of those huge textures all piling up in memory.
Now I’m using VirtualScroll and ion-image in order to try and solve that problem.
I also plan on using wkwebview.

Do any of these handle unloading textures from memory when they are not within the viewport?
If not - how do I manually do that?

Anyone? Do Ionic/Cordova handle texture memory management while scrolling?

I got a great answer on StackOverflow if anybody’s interested:

@royibernthal hello , am making one project in ionic in which task is taking picture through camera or choose image from list of images (in horizontal scroll bar list ) and send it to server …so here am facing one problem is how can i show on page that choose image from list…solution to choose image from list please
thanks in advance …you can see my below link for excepted output…I want such output any solution please ?