Scroll view in lightbox


Hello all,

I am working on a iphone/android project with ionic css and steroids/Appgyver. I achieved scroll effect with <ion-content> tag. But i have to show light box in the same page and in that page i also have to show scroll. I tried with same <ion-content> in lightbox but scrolling doesn’t work. Can anyone help me to get this work?.

Jay Pandya.


Use not lightbox?

Build something on your own.
Like using ionic modals (like an overlay) and show image in ion-content -> so you can scroll content and show the image or something else.$ionicModal/


@bengtler is correct, a modal can achieve this. Take a look


Hello all,

Thanks for your quick replay. i will give it a try and come up with the output.

Thanks again,
Jay Pandya.