Scroll parent when child div reaches the top

I have a scrollable div within a tab slider Ionic Tab Slider but it is within a child div on a page. I want the parent div for the whole view scrollable once one of the child divs in the slider reaches the top. Does anyone know how I can do this

I’m having exactly the same issue!

On a device, if you start scrolling in the parent then the parent scrolls, if you start scrolling in the child then the child scrolls. However neither will effect the other. This causes scenarios where the parent can be scrolled off screen and not recovered until a page reload.

On my touch screen laptop in Chrome, when I lift my finger then re-attempt to scroll the parent and child do interact.

I have been considering trying to listen to the event of the child scrolling and use it to scroll the parent too.

Any advice from experienced devs is appreciated.