Scroll Freezing Genymotion 2.2.2 / Ionicframework 1.0.0-beta.11



This is a repeat of a report I’ve filed with Genymotion, but I thought it was worth repeating here:

I’m seeing frequent issues with scrolling becoming frozen in lists.

My setup is:
    MacOS 10.9.4 / 32Gb iMac 27"
    Genymotion 2.2.2 20140526-4c76ea5
    Ionic Framework 1.0.0-beta.1

So far I’ve tried fresh VMs for
     Motorola Droid Razr - 4.1.1 - API 16 - 540x960
     Google Nexus 4 - 4.1.1 - API 16 - 768x1280
     Google Nexus 10 - 4.2.2 - API 17 - 2560x1600
     Google Nexus 4 - 4.3 - API 18 - 768x1280

all of which exhibit the same behaviour; usually after a brief period of successful scrolling on one screen, navigating to a different screen results in any scrolling being locked / disabled; UI elements visible on the screen are still responsive, but there’s no way to access via scrolling.

This doesn’t seem to affect 4.4.2 so far, and the same code running via ionic serve in a browser, or on  a physical device doesn’t appear to suffer the same issue.



Interesting, I’ve never had this issue before. Hmm if it’s not happening on an actual device, then I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.


I appreciate that without something stripped down to demonstrate, it would be tricky to offer a workaround or direction to resolve it.

As to whether it’s an issue or not, I think in principle it’s reasonable to expect to be able to use Genymotion in the way I believe it’s intended when I’ve paid for it. That said:

  1. I bought it in the full knowledge that it seemed to display that behaviour in the free version

  2. In the absence of any test code that’s provably free of any blunders I may have made myself, I’m not giving much to go on

  3. My outlay on ionic so far has been precisely zero aside from time and it’s proven very, very useful (so thanks!)

I’d still enthusiastically recommend ionic and Genymotion, which has narrowed the gap between “ionic serve” and “ionic run android” to a matter of a couple of seconds.


In the course of trying to narrow down and reproduce this, I came across another issue.

I gave a pair of <a class="button"> elements in a fixed footer for paging forwards and backwards through results. To cut a long story short - and in line with related reports form other developers - these were firing an ng-click event twice and moving two pages at a time on occasion.

This caused an overflow over the maximum number of pages in the bound data (although no freezing as a result, just console errors as you’d expect).

Changing these to <button> elements eliminated that double click problem, and since that change I’ve seen no recurrence of the problem with scrolling. Still working through the platforms to confirm.