Scroll does not start on input text elements - native scrolling


I’m using ion-content with overflow-scroll=“true” in order to use native scrolling. Everything goes fine until I run into page where I have form with inputs with type “text” or “number” - then scrolling just doesn’t start when I swipe up or down starting from this element.

I googled similar behaviour - it was supposed to be implemented year ago in nightly build. Now the code looks slightly different, and it still doesn’t do the thing.

Can I have any help with that?
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Native scrolling - Scroll does not start on input and infinite-scroll


I have the same issue. I’m setting the native scrolling in config:


After I set the jsScrolling to false in order to use native scrolling, the scroll up when keyboard displayed on screen doesn’t work anymore. I’ve encountered this issue on textarea element.

If I comment out the jsScrolling set to false the scroll up works fine.

Is this a bug or am I missing something.

Is there a workaround or a fix if this is an issue.



  • 1 here! With native scroll, focus input doesent trigger the autoscroll to show the input.