Scroll bounce in ionic2?

Hello!! I haven’t been able to find some info about this, but has been removed the bouncing effect on scroll on ionic 2?


I was wondering the same when I installed the ionic-conference-app in my iPhone with iOS 6.

Any ideas how to implement this?

Oooops! I think we are missing something because I have just installed the conference app and the scroll is so nice with bouncing effect included.
It’s working perfectly in the browser and in my iPhone 6.

I’m gonna dig in the code.

It works fine on the Schedule screen but try to go to About or any other screens and it won’t bounce

Yeah, that’s true.

At least is working there, in my app is working never. I will look into this and provide an answer in this thread.

I reinstalled the conference app on my phone and the bouncing effect works on the schedule and speaker list screen, so that may be a hint. I’ll also look at the code but I’m not experienced enough to find an answer

Isn’t the bounce effect specific to iOS? Native Android apps don’t typically bounce, they do that stretch if you try, but not bounce.

That is correct, the bounce effect is an iOS specific feature. But when installed in an iOS device, the bounce effect doesn’t seem to work out of the box like ionic 1 did

Hi @gigocabrera! I’ve been trying with this and it seems it was a problem with my App, because I created a new App and it works perfectly!

I don’t know what might be happing to you.

@Jorchg what template did you use for your new app? And is it working perfectly in an iOS device or browser? Also, are you using a Mac or PC?

Tabs template. Working perfectly in iOS device and emulator. In browser it doesn’t work.

I’m using a Mac right now!

For anybody else wondering, here’s the official answer

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