Scope: How to use NavController with nested functions


When you find the solution to a problem you should share your solution and not modify the post and put “resolvedresolvedresolvedresolved”:rage:

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Sorry, but i don’t want to have my code on the internet unnecessarily. Unless someone has solved my problem for me, i am within my rights to delete the post.

Of course my friend, you are in your right, but remember that in this forum everyone has the possibility to review the history of each post with all the changes that have been made. :+1:


I don’t see it as a “within my rights” issue, but more an issue of community and the value of sharing information. If you’re willing to accept the free help of others, but not to contribute solutions that might help others, I see that as selfish.


Fair enough. You’ve got to understand this is my dissertation on the line though. I can’t have my code pasted all over the internet unless its absolutely necessary. I was too quick to upload my code without trying absolutely everything. I had the topic up for a couple of minutes and then figured out the solution.

But you can figure out an example code which describes and resolve the context discussed here without posting your production code. IMO