Scheduling local notifications in angular

I am trying to setup a weekly local notification in angular, however am not sure I have set it up correctly. I tried testing it but running the app on my iPhone and changing the phone date / time to the time the notification was set to show but it didn’t show, so I am not sure if I am not testing the correct way or the code is incorrect, the code I am using is:

     title: "Title",
     id: 1, // used later to cancel
     text: 'Message to send',
     data: { secret: 'secret' },
     lockscreen: true,
     icon: "../../assets/img/Logo.png", 
     trigger: {
         'every': {
            'weekday': 5,
            'hour': 10,
            'minute': 10

any suggestions would be hugely appreciated around testing or the code, many thanks