Save image from native camera to assets folder (Ionic 5)

I would like to know is there any way that i able to save the image to the ionic assets folder that i have capture using ionic native camera, if yes how can i do it

you cannot - it’s out of reach for the hybrid app
Put the stuff in another folder and find the URI reference to it to use it as asset in a page

Want to know how? It is one of the most discussed and documented topic on this forum and in a blog too


To clarify @Tommertom’s “out of reach” comment a bit, assets isn’t a real folder once the app is built. Everything you put in it gets bundled up into your app binary, and the webserver that tells your app where to find its code also knows how to hijack HTTP requests for things “inside” it and return them.

So, effectively, it’s read-only, because you can’t rewrite the app binary at runtime.

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