SASS bug with ionic serve : spawn cmd ENOENT

Hi !

Since I installed SASS ionic serve doesn’t work. (I’m on Windows 7)

Each time I try I have this message : An uncaught exception occured and has been reported to Ionic
spawn cmd ENOENT.

I’ve read in another forum that we must change a line of Gruntfile but where is this Gruntfile ?

Thanks ! :smile:
Have a good day

Your user name has spaces in it ‘SIMONINI Thomas’, it could be a problem, try putting your project somewhere else than on your desktop.

This could cause other errors when using node on Windows.

It depends on how you created your project, if you used Ionic starter app then it does not use grunt but gulp.

Thanks but I tried and that’s not that. Moreover when I delete “gulpStartupTasks”: [“sass”, “watch”] in ionic.project it works. However SASS is not compiled consequently my app became ugly.

So, does it work when you run gulp sass?

And did you run ionic setup sass?