Samsung Galaxy, Sony whatever, Nexus 5 brothers and sisters etc. mixin

Does someone has tips or would like to share mixin about all the different android screen sizes?

I try to built someone by my own some, but at some point, it always doesn’t work on that phone or that phone etc.

For iOS I found which is quite handy and I added following for iOS7:

 @mixin iphone7($orientation: false) {
    $width-min: 375px;
    $width-max: 375px;
    $height-min: 667px;
    $height-max: 667px;

   // mq is a function of above listed sass-mediaqueries library
   @include mq(
       $min-device-width: $width-min,
       $max-device-width: $width-max,
      $min-device-height: $height-min,
      $max-device-height: $height-max,
      $orientation: $orientation
   ) {