Same View on Different Tabs


I know this has been addressed a few times, but I am trying to figure out the right way to architect this solution:

I have 5 tabs, where all 5 tabs, where in these tabs, I need to use the same view and the same URL for multiple tabs. For example:

feedTab (/feed, tab is tab-feed) -> 
  checkinDetail (checkin/:checkinId) ->
    ItemDetail (item/:itemId)
profileTab (/profile, tab is tab-profile) -> 
  checkinDetail (checkin/:checkinId) ->  
    ItemDetail (item/:itemId)

Is this possible? If not - what is the best way to do this in ionic using Tabs?


Yes it is possible. But, in your url, the first segment would be normally the tab-name/checking/:checking. And you may use the exact same view !


The problem here is then views would all need to be changed to support this - so would need to create multiple views to support the URL schema:

<a href="feed/checkin/:checkinID">Check in from Feed</a>
<a href="profile/checkin/:checkinID">Check in from Profile</a>

Is this correct?