Safari address bar visible on ionic web app

I developing an ionic app (with tabs) and I’ve deployed it to heroku. Then I am using safari to save the address to the app as a shortcut to my homescreen. (This way it looks like an native app from app store).
But when I’m open the app and taking a look. The safari address bar occurs on the all the tabs pages. Except the first tab though!

Is it a very strange behavior. And I don’t relly know where the problems lies! Is it in ionic? Is it in heroku? Is it in safari?
I’ve tested deploy the ionic apps in both version 3 and 4. But the behavior is the same on both versions.
I’ve tested deploy the ionic app to (ftp) and there it works perfectly. (no address bar in site).

Has anyone runned into this situation to?
Any idea why this is happening??

// Simon

AND, I’ve tested deploy an ionic app with sidemenu as well. And it’s the same behavior there! (When I press an menu item, that is not the start one, the safari address bar occur …)