Running Auth0 login on local server


This is in reference to the blog tutorial “Adding Auth to your Ionic app in 5 mins with Auth0”

I followed all the steps. But I realized a really big downside to this workflow which is not mentioned in the blog post. In order to preview anything with Auth0 integration I have to build and emulate in ios everytime. Is there a way around this? I keep getting error when trying to run ionic serve. I know this has to do with the auth0 js files added, bc ionic serve will work if I remove those. What can I do so I can preview in my browser with livereload?



Figured it out! Apparently the error was, “Error: EMFILE: Too many opened files.” So after google search the default number in Mavericks is 256 which is apparently really low. To check to see how much your ulimit is run,

ulimit -n

And to change I ran command,

launchctl limit maxfiles 2048 2048 && ulimit -n 2048

Which changed it from 256 to 2048.

Found this answer here,