Running app on an Haier (Android) tablet is very slow

Nope, using regular ng-repeat. Collection repeat solved a lot of issues there.


So to sum up, I imagine you’ve already run some Ionic apps on Android devices, and according to you, when the app was pretty well coded and presenting acceptable list size, the whole were fluid.

If so, it would boost the moral ^^

Yup :smile:

Especially something like our collection repeat demo. That works nice and smooth on a normal device.

Great to know :slight_smile:

By the way, as an iOS user, when I show my app to some people, the first reflexion is:
"Wow !! it’s fast !!! "

Very great job Ionic.
I was using twitter bootstrap (before knowing ionic), hoping that the responsiveness would be enough…
this is the day and night :smile:

I managed to grab a Samsung S5 and test my app on it.

Far better than the Haier tablet :wink:

Although not as incredible as the run on iOS (currently), the app is fully usable.

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But I have noticed that collection-repeat actually dulled down the scroll performance on a 4.4 Android device.