Run the application through deep linking using the result of a QRCode

I have the following scenario:

The user scans a QRCode with an alternate application.

If it has the APP installed, it goes to the main screen.

I’m using the ionic-plugin-deeplinks plugin for this

My implementation:

	      '/welcome': {
	        target: 'welcome',
	        parent: 'we'
	    }).subscribe(function(match) {
	      $timeout(function() {
	        $state.go(match.$route.parent, match.$args);
	        $timeout(function() {
	          $state.go(match.$, match.$args);
	        }, 800);
	      }, 100);
	    }, function(nomatch) {
	      console.warn('No match', nomatch);

ionic plugin add ionic-plugin-deeplinks --variable URL_SCHEME=test --variable DEEPLINK_SCHEME=https --variable --save

My QRCode has the following url:

But when scanning with this alternate app, nothing happens just goes to the page

What am I missing?