Run script after cap sync in Appflow

Hello. I need to have custom setting in Pods project.pbxroj file such as “OTHER_LDFLAHS”. Without it I can’t build my app. But command npx cap sync removes this settings. Is there any posibilities to run a script with restoring project.pbxproj after this command?
Thank you!

I recently added this feature to Capacitor CLI.

Docs: Capacitor - build cross platform apps with the web

And how it can be used. With Ionic, I put in .xml that executes some hooks to copy certain files.

In the config.xml

        <hook src="hooks/copy_files_android.js" type="after_prepare" />

How execute this with capacitor?

In the scripts section of your package.json you add "capacitor:sync:after": "command or script to run"