Run Function On Navigate Back

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a solution I came across that might help someone else!

So I have an init function that I wanted to run every time a user spun up a particular controller. However, I can’t just put this code within the controller b/c ionic stores $scopes in history and does not recall the $controller when a user navigates back.

In other words, if you put alert('hello world'); in your controller, it will be called when the user goes to the page for the first time. But if they navigate to another page and come back… No hello world.


$scope.$on('$stateChangeSuccess', function(e, toState) {
   if( === 'tab.profile') {
      // ...

Just replace tab.profile with the name of your $state and the above snippet will not be called when the controller is initialized, but will on navigate back!

For anyone who is interested my use case for this is I have an $interval that I needs to be runing while the state is active. My snag was the controller initializes, the $interval on initial page load and everything is great. However, when the user navigates away the $interval is destroyed. So when we come back no more $interval. So this code allows me to spin that $interval back up when they come back!


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