Run controller method when ion-tab is shown

Hi everyone, I’m trying to run a controller function whenever a tab is shown to the user. I’m using ion-tabs to build my interface and it works fine.

I found however that using ng-init in one of my views only triggers once. I’m not saying I want to use ng-init, but rather prefer a good way of running some code whenever a user opens a specific ion-tab.

Any ideas? Right now, my tabs only route to the correct partial:

<ion-tab title="Something" icon="ion-ios7-circle-filled" ui-sref="tabs.something">
          <ion-nav-view name="something-tab"></ion-nav-view>

In the partials I’m calling a function through ng-init (although I’ve learned that this is not the way to go.

The reason I want to launch some code whenever a user tabs a certain ion-tab, is that I need to push their current location to the server. Right now this works, but only the first time the ion-tab opens. When a user is idle for an hour or so and then relaunches that tab, it should update his or her location.

Thanks for any advice you could give me.

Have you found a solution for this?
I want to do something similar, every time the user goes to the ‘new’ tab I want to open the camera immediately to take a picture.