Run Android Failed in ionic

when trying to run app in android device i am getting this error in command prompt
canot find apk file in android .

Thanks in advanced

You probably have another version of your app on device like a signed release version and trying to deploy a debug version on top.
If so, uninstall the app first.

If you are using Windows you need to run it with GennyMotion otherwise it will through errors…

uninstalled the old version of appand newly debug on me device but ionic run android failed

if everything worked before then remove/add platform will help, if not that then some new plugin you added is making problems.

Yaaa… i installed new plugin name is Push Notificatuion

You need to provide more informations but a guess would be that you have android support library problem.
Create file named build-extras.gradle and put it inside platforms/android
inside that file put:

configurations {
all*.exclude group: ‘’, module: ‘support-v4’