Routing to directly hit specific item so that i dont have to search for that item

im trying to port my app from ionic1 to ionic2 but I want to have the ability to get to the specific item using the url. for example in ionic1 app if i hit this url

localhost:8100/app/properties/123 main st
this will hit the controller named property

and it will capture the last /{adderss value} address value and it will make a search in the array of objects and then display the data on the UI.

can I do soemthing like this in ionic2 ?

Have you looked at the deeplinks plugin?

Deeplinking is built in now, so if it’s just the url then you can do it right out of the box. If you need linking into the actual app on the phone from somewhere then ya use the plugin as @rapropos suggested.

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thanks for telling me about this plugin. Quick question: is it possible to use this when I’m viewing the app on browser and not do it when I’m on the phone ?