Router navigation not working after first time

Is there an issue with the routerLink attribute?
It only works once and then stops working. Here is my code snippet from my Home Page –

        <ion-card routerLink="details" routerDirection="forward">
          <ion-card-content text-center>
            <ion-icon name="information" size="large"></ion-icon>

The link works fine the first time, and I am successfully navigating to my details page. Then on Details page I can using the and that too works fine.

However, once I come back to the Home page from the Details page, using the back-button; the router link stops working.
This is similar to the issue described here –

Is it still an open issue? Any way to fix it?

Exact same issue here… looks like we have to wait for a fix…
i was reading around and some people say to use absolute paths, not the “loadChildren”
if u find a workaround. plz let me know

Have you found any solution?