Roadmap Ionic 4 (when alpha and beta publish?)

Note: I do not know if this is the right place to request this information.

Today I already work with Ionic 3.x on a project, and in the coming weeks we will start on a completely new project, which should take between 12-16 weeks to have the first beta release.

My question is the following, since Ionic 4 is being refactored and redesigned to use stencil.js instead of angular 5.x, and maybe you will use a capacitor rather than a cordova (I did not find anything about this second statement, it’s just a deduction). Is there any roadmap or forecast to launch an alpha or beta version of ionic 4, that we can already start structuring new projects? Because I do not want to start a project that will require a technology migration in the near future, or will be using depreciated technologies.

So when could I start a project with ionic 4 and stencil.js?

Capacitor roadmap is kind of clear:

  • Alpha version around February-March
  • Final version “It will be ready when it’s ready”


Ionic 4

Here I will give you my personnal thought, no source, nothing, I could be totally wrong. So I would say:

  • Alpha maybe in March or even somewhere in February
  • About Beta, RC and Final version, if there are Betas and RCs, too early to know. Gonna depends of the quality of the first delivery, I’m confident about it :wink:

What’s important to note is that the migration from 3 to 4 not gonna be as difficult as from 1 to 2. Still it gonna be work, if I undertand correctly mostly search/replace, but nothing like learning everything new like with Angular 1 to 2.


There is already a list of breaking changes for ionic-angular v4 on github. As @reedrichards said, it’s mostly only search/replace.

So if you want to use ionic-angular for your app, just start building now with v3.9.2 and upgrade to ionic-angular v4 when it’s ready.

If you want to use another framework (like Vue (good tutorial here)) or none at all, you could start now with the (pre-)alpha version of @ionic/core, but be aware that this might still be unstable.

If you want to build a PWA, the Ionic PWA Toolkit is a good starting point, which also uses @ionic/core and is a good example of how you can start using ionic v4 (no angular) now (but again this might still be unstable).


So if I understood correctly, ionic 4 will not necessarily be with stencil.js, but would it still be angular, but now with the possibility of using stencil.js? Because Breaking Changes are just about component structure changes like attributes, etc., not about the new tool for creating web components (stencil.js)?

But will stencil.js be the official alternative in the future?

Is not the angular change to stencil.js just from search/replace?

Is there currently the possibility to start an ionic 4 project with stencil.js?


Stencil.js creates web components as you’ve stated, things like Ionic 4 will use those web components. So Ionic 4 will use stencil.js, but you and I won’t be using it directly.

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A graphical explanation regarding StencilJS/Ionic 4

credit @joshmorony


You can follow here the progress of Ionic 4:

I wasn’t that bad with my prediction, end of February, Capacitor Alpha is released, congrats to the Ionic team!

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whoever interested, I wrote these 2 posts listing references and talking a little about Ionic 4 and his friends.