Right side menu with Tabs


I tried to add the tab component into a right side menu.
I used the new routing system using ui-router. But it doesn’t work.
I also tried from this http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/HjnFx. Just added one side-menu-content, and one side right menu, and then it doesn’t work.

Note: if I use the same code, but without the tabs, the right side menu works just fine.

Maybe I do it the wrong way. Is it an issue or a mistake from me?
Someone have tried this? If yes, would it be possible to show how?

Thanks a lot!


Here’s a working right side menu.


The problem is right side menu with tab component inside. Not the right side menu alone


Is this or something like it what you’re after?


Yes exactly. I will try it with ui-router to have a proper history inside the side menu.

I figured that you added a class .tabbed-menu inside the css to display correctly the tab content. Is it the quick fix or is it mentionned in the ionic documentation?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Its a custom piece of code to restrain the tabs to the width of the menu and make it stick to the right. I’d probably create a couple of classes for left / right menus and replace that magic number with something else but you get the idea :wink:



I tried to implement the same code, but unfortunately that didn’t work at all…
Is it because of the plunker or the new version of ionic ?