Right Menu position not change when resize screen


Right Menu position not change when resize screen


Could you please explain a bit more about what you’re seeing?
It’s kind of hard to help debug the issue from what you’ve provided :grin:


Just add a right menu to a mobile application and without close this turn your phone to switch between landscpace from portrait


Hmm it seems to be working fine in my tests.


hello I try with a new aplication (ionic start test --v2 --ts) , and I 've the bug
my app info:

My chrome test mode portrait

My chrome test when switch landscape

Source code : https://github.com/vevedh/MOBIMEI.git


Might just be chrome bug and not a real issue. Since the device emulation isn’t the same as a real device, it’s safe to ignore this.


On my device I’ve same bug:
My device infos:
Android 4.3
Modele: Alcatel one touch Idole 3


Same issue here with 2 menus, right and left menu. We are on Beta.6


please fix this. it should be working in chrome and other browsers as well.


Thanks, it’s good in beta.9 :clap: