Rich Attachment of OneSignal Notification Services Not Showing In IOS With IONIC

I am working on an Ionic Project and did implement the notification service of one signal. Did receiving Android & IOS notifications.

Everything is working fine in android but Rich attachment is not working in IOS. Did receive the Text & Title but image not showing.

I did same as the documentation says.

I did Add Notification Service Extension correctly but seems like it didn’t work.

Below is my Notification Details.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  private prepareOneSignalNotification() {
    this.oneSignal.startInit('6ceb23d5-1d9f-4852-b0f6-XXXXX', '3139XXXXXXX');


    this.oneSignal.handleNotificationReceived().subscribe((data) => {
      // do something when notification is received

    this.oneSignal.handleNotificationOpened().subscribe(() => {
      // do something when a notification is opened


Ionic Documentation: