Reusing Ionic directives in a web app and the ion-view title attribute

I’m using the same source (mostly) for my Ionic app and web app. My partials typically look like:

<ion-view title="Login">
    <ion-content>Awesome content here.</ion-content>

Going for reusability here… I’m taking these partials as-is and using in the web app. Since the Ionic AngularJS modules aren’t loaded in the web app, ion-view and ion-content are unrecognized custom elements and they don’t do anything… good.

My problem, the title="Login" used for the nav bar title acts as a normal title attribute, showing the hover tooltip everywhere in the web app.

Is there a way to use a different attribute name than title? Or, is this in general a bad practice and should I get all Ionic markup out of the web app?

Are you using ionic beta.14? If so I believe they want you to use view-title instead of the title attribute now. Should solve your problem

Check, specifically the first item under the Deprecated list.

Perfect. Thanks @cquartier!