Reuse Ionic Side Menu outside of Ionic framework


I have used Ionic in a recent project and love it.
Right now, however, I am on a project that doesn’t use Ionic, just vanilla angular.js for a mobile app.
For this project we now need a side menu, and are looking for existing components we might be able to reuse.
I therefore was wondering if I could reuse the ionic component outside of the Ionic framework, as a stand alone component inside our project?
Anyone have any experience with this approach?


Had to dig deep into the archives for this.

If thats not an option, you could try this?

Tnx for the links!
I looked at the ionic archive link, but don’t seem to get how to reuse this as a component outside ionic.
In github I can only get so far back as v0.9.08-alpha, and in that version the ionicSideMenu.js file has for instance a reference to ionic.on(‘mousedown’, function(e)…
Do you think it is wise to cut these wires to extract this code as a stand alone component.

The other component seems to use only CSS. I’ve heard of problems with drawer menu’s that only use css on ios7, so I still would prefer the ionic menu.

I mean it can’t hurt to try.
As long as the transitions being used are hardware accelerated, you should be good.

Thank you, just the push I needed! :wink:

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