Retrieve the local database?

Hi all.
You can recover the database on the device?
For example in case you wish to retrieve the saved data and a bug prevents its use.

From itunes for app ios.

no one can help me? I need to retrieve the data stored locally.

If you want help then you really need to provide more details and explain your problem more clearly.

See these guidelines:

Thanks, but I do not understand what I did wrong in the post :frowning:

In the app that I am developing, I save data locally on WEB SQL.
By periodically I sending this data to the remote server.
If there are problems with the app, I would be able to recover the data saved locally that have not been sent to the remote server.
I think there is some setting to set, I found this
They talk about info.plist and value UIFileSharingEnabled

Okay, now you’re giving all the detailed info that you left out of your original post. :wink:

What kind of remote server is it, Apple iCloud or a database on a server that you host yourself or what?

The “info.plist” seems to be about syncing between a Mac (desktop/laptop) and iCloud, so doesn’t seem to be related to your issue or is it?

Is your app iOS only or should it work on Android too?

You gave more info but still not enough for anybody to understand the issue.

P.S. okay I kind of understand … your idea is that you want to transfer the WebSQL database from the app to your Mac so that you can recover the data.

I have no experience with this (especially not on iOS) but maybe these pointers are useful:

I have a remote server with rest api in PHP and database MySQL.

I do not know, I would only be able to retrieve the data stored locally to be able to manually enter on the remote database if you find any problems with the app

For now


Now I try to read, but at first glance it does not seem the solution :frowning: