Retrieve name from Facebook native

Hello everybody!

I need to retrieve first and last name from Facebook after user register successfuly.

Actually i have:

            .then( (response) => {
              Here i need to get name and last name for later usage
                let facebookCredential = firebase.auth.FacebookAuthProvider

                    .then((success) => {
                        this.userProfile = success;


                            facebookUser: this.userProfile
                                animate: true,
                                direction: 'forward'
                    .catch((error) => {
                        let prompt = this.alertCtrl.create({
                        title: this.FAIL_TITLE,
                        subTitle: this.AUTH_FAILED_SUBTITLE,
                        buttons: [this.ACCEPT_BUTTON]
            .catch((error) => {

And it works perfectly. It first do the register flow with facebook and then, register in firebase… But i need to get those user attributtes from facebook to store this information separately.

Thank’s in advance!

Hi did you ever figure out how to retrieve first and last name. I know how to retrieve display name but not the first and last