Retain scroll position after on back when using Angularjs $http cache true

Hi there,

I know this is an old topic, but I cannot get it to work perfect in my case.
If I use a local var to store a large static list, when nav back to it it would auto scroll to my last position. but my list data are remotely loaded to the variable using Angular resource/$http, instead of writing a new service to cache the list data, I tried to use the $http cache: true option, this caches the list data and returns them instantly on back to the list, but the auto scroll doesn’t work.

Any idea?

you can save scroll position in rootScope while destroy scope

when load list finish, get scroll position from rootScope and scroll to position.

Is there a way I can get the default auto scroll working with the cached data?


I’m using ionic-nav-bar and cache: true with my $resource queries, and it remembers the scroll position sometimes when I click back from a detail view and not others. I cannot replicate the problem consistently. Has anyone else run into this. I watched the network tab in chrome and it does not call the api again, so it is using cached data.

So I fixed this by creating a “fake cache” in my rootScope combined with cache: true. Seems like the built in cache doesn’t cache enough or something.