Restyle ngCordova toasts?

Is there an easy way to restyle the toasts from ?

I like their functionality but they look like garbage, it’s not clear how to adjust styling though.

@hay since ngCordova is basically calling the cordova toast plugin’s js api, which doesn’t support custom styling, you won’t be able to customize anything other than what the plugin supports, which currently doesnt allow for custom styles.

Might want to create a feature enhancement request to Eddy to allow for customization? either that or if you are solid on Android programming you can contribute the feature yourself :smile:

One option is to use a html toast. I use the angular material toast myself, that’s the only component I use from material at the moment. Works in a normal browser too :slight_smile:

I was been searching for a toast notification plugin for my project. I have created a bower component for toast. Please have a look at the bower component i have created. I think it might help you.

It simultaneously allows the user to perform other actions in the page.