Response header of the downloaded file - File Transer - Ionic 3

I am using Ionic 3 to build my Mobile Application and I have to download a file on request. As well I need to get the response header information of the downloaded file. I am using File Transer plugin ( to download the file.

Below is what I am doing.

downloadAndOpen(downloadURL, attachmentName) { 

let options: FileUploadOptions = {
       headers: {'Authentication-Info': localStorage.getItem("SessionID")}

   var savePath = this.file.dataDirectory + attachmentName;, savePath, false, options).then((entry) => {
        // Need to get the Header information.

On initiating the download with the required parameters, it got success and the response I got is like

    filesystem: FileSystem {name: "library-nosync", root: DirectoryEntry, __format__: function, toJSON: function}

    fullPath: "/Java Collections Framework.pdf"

    isDirectory: false

    isFile: true

    name: "Java Collections Framework.pdf"

    nativeURL: "file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/5381B42F-AAD5-4A43-BE87-6E488BEA3A93/Library/NoCloud/Java%20Collections%20Framework.pdf"

The server team is sending few sensitive informations in the Response header which will be used on downloading the document. I didn’t find proper information in Ionic Native File Transfer plugin to get the the Response Header information.