Resources --force does not work

Has anyone had any issues with the command ionic cordova resources -f not working?

I recently had to remove the ios platform, and then re-add the platform. All the icons had changed back to the default ionic icons. So I tried ionic cordova resources and it said it didn’t need to generate new images.

Looking at the docs,, it says you can use -f or --force to by pass the check for unchanged source files. However, for me it did nothing.

Is this a known issue? Or just a random once off occurrence?

Oh, that’s an interesting edge case.

Can you recreate this problem with a simple project created by ionic start blank blank? If so, you should probably create an issue with ionic-cli on Github. The " will not regenerate resources whose source image has not changed" is quite new and maybe the “what happens if someone removes and re-adds the platform” case was not considered.

A workaround might be to temporarily change the icon and splash template file, run the command, then again set it to your actual resources and rerun the command again.

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