$resource get not executing in simulator

I have a $resource call which when run from the browser with the python server works fine but when in the simulator it does not execute.

$scope.login = $resource('http://fv-host:9381/fv/User/:action',
called via 
$scope.doLogin = function(uName, pWord) {
          $scope.loginResult = $scope.login.get({action:'login', id:mID, password:mPword, remember:'false', callback:'JSON_CALLBACK'});

I display loginResult as {{loginResult}} after calling doLogin() loginResult shows the {action:…} with the params mID and mPword replaced by the values passed in.

My service never receives anything from the client.

is there a difference in the way $scope works in the simulator or is $resource/ngResource not available with the simulator.

Any advice appreciated.

Are you getting any error in your console?

No errors in the console or anywhere else

Is it on an iOS device and do you have the $sceProvider set up to allow external sources?

I’m using the IOS simulator

and I have passed $sce in on the controller signature

.controller(‘AccountCtrl’, function($scope, $resource, $sce){

I have not done anything specific to configure $sce

I have not had to use sce to call $resource when the ap is deployed to a web server.

Only when I am setting a URL on an iFrame to display content.

Could you post a codepen with a sample data? It’s kind of hard to figure out what the issue is with out being able to poke around.

Did anything ever get posted for this? My $resource requests are getting blocked when using $resource, but it works when using $http. Have no idea why?