[Resolved] - Run emulator for ios

After the new Mac Os X version and iOs 9, I try to launch my application with emulator with line command:
ionic emulate ios -lc
The emulator launch the app but it stay locked on the splash screen with spine loading. What could I do to pass this and try my app?

I’m also seeing this on iOS9 and xCode7.

-lcs gives no logs/errors.

I’m able to build the app and run it from xCode without issue, though. Have you tried that?

I ran into the same thing. My app was working fine, I installed XCode 7 and my app would only show the splash screen. I uninstalled XCode 7 and reinstalled XCode 6.4 and i’m able to work again.

Yeah, same is happening for me. Guess I’ll revert my xcode back as well.

Thanks for your answers. I think I’ll revert my xcode back as well too to be able to work again with console logs

To run iOs emulator with log console, you must modify your App-Info.plist file with adding lines:


and then it’s succeed.


Could you please elaborate? Adding those lines to my app-Info.plist didn’t resolve the issue. Does it need a string value?

I added those lines 2 times, the first time didn’t work. First, I ran the build command for iOs, then I added those lines. After I restart the command and it worked.

you just added them like this?


No I added those lines:

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It works for me :)… thanks

Elaborating on the answers already given (viz. adding NSAllowsArbitraryLoads to your .plist file) I’ve created a before_emulate hook that automatically adds the setting for you.

See https://www.bram.us/2015/09/29/ionic-emulate-vs-xcode-7/ for more details.