RESOLVED BY UPDATE TO 3.2.1: Click from root page triggers range change on the loaded page


I wasn’t able to find the solution to this problem, so I decided to open new thread.

I have multiple icons in the grid on the root page that push new page onto the root page.

Sometimes, when icon that is taped is on the same spot as the range on the newly loaded page, the same click that initiated opening that page also changes value of the range (slider).

I haven’t notice this to be the issue on the other components, just range.

I was able to solve it by adding loading component, but it is a bit irritating when nothing needs to be really loaded.

I had to initiate loading at the constructor and now I noticed, that loader prevents closing menu, when page is opened from the sidemenu.

How should I solve this problem please?

Thank you very much. :wink: