Resizing images on iOS

I have some hi-res images that are captured with the camera and some that are downloaded from a server. They are all in the filesystem.

I want to show them in a gallery, so the user can view all images, and open the h-res image in a modal.

But when I display more than 100 of them as thumbnails, resized using CSS, the app crashes. I need to create thumbnails, and open the hi-res ones in the modal

Can anyone suggest a way to create a thumbnail on the fly ?

I would suggest that when you upload the images, you make a thumbnail version to use for display.

For a tutorial I wrote, I used a plugin to resize the images to thumbnails and save them before uploading.

Thanks Aaron, that’s exactly what I need. I’ve got your app working and will see if I can get it working in my app now.

Please note anyone else reading this, in the image resizer plugin you have to change the dependency from org.apache.cordova.file to cordova-plugin-file. I just removed the dependency and added the file plugin myself.

Thanks for the info, I will update the read every on the project to indicate that change