Require working example of Ionic / Angular Gallery from a Good/Honest developer


We have a current application which has been made in Ionic 1, but it falls short our of expectations and requirements in how it handles the images and gallery. I myself am a mid weight developer who also works/subcontracts with PHP developers. I am however new to ionic and angular so need assistance on this.

Rather than complicate the task and bring you into the GIT code for now on the main app, it maybe better for you to quote to develop a working standalone sample app for IOS and Android, and if we can follow the code , we will implement it into our app. However if we fail, we may also ask you to implement.

SO what I need to see working in your app demo please…

Gallery / Album Page

List images in grid view from album, loads first 20 thumbnails, scrolling down loads in next 20, scroll down loads in next 20 etc etc.Ajax loading so to speak as required.
Pressing image loads into that image full page view/page.

Image/Photo page

Shows full width version of image,
under image with each image own custom like counts, name etc.
User swipes left or right to navigate to the next image in the gallery order which appears in sync with swipe actions as well as loading image likes.
If you enter on latest image from gallery, then you can only swipe left/back, if you enter in middle of gallery image of course you can swipe left or right.

Considerations to discuss.

Galleries may contain 1000+ images, so its not viable to load all data at start, instead when viewing photos and swipe it can load in maybe +5 images as a buffer, then when user swipes in the background load in additional image.

Please send me a message if this sounds like something you can help me with.

If you tell me you have 60+ Ionic developers in cool hats sat on a banana boat with their laptops ready to start you will be ignored.
If you simply post your contact details in here and show no understanding of what I am after then you will be ignored.

If however your an honest developer, who wants an honest client , and you want to do a good job that is apprenticed then please lets talk.


Hi Tom,

I’m a professor in Computer Science at the University of Iowa, which teaches Ionic Development. I done a lot of work on these kinds of problems with infinite scrolling. I’d be happy to discuss in more detail. Feel free to shoot me an email: tom-hornbeck —at— .

Or just connect with me via linkedin:

p.s. - I have 1000 developers wearing cools hats in a banana boat as a backup plan :wink:


Hi there,

I can help you with that. Shoot me an email at You can check out some of my work at


Hello @scotchegg,

We are happy to assist you. You can see our work here

I got your skype invitation. Please let me know when we can discuss or you can reach me at manish[at]opensourcetechnologies[dot]com


Hi @scotchegg,

Please find more details in PM.

Best Regards,
S-ky-pe: cis.am1