Require help in getting a debug setup ready


I am trying to get a debug setup ready. I am launching the Ionic app in Android emulator in Windows and could not yet get the app running in the emulator. Want to debug the issue (could be a js load issue, or something very basic), but without a debug setup, I am lost.

Any links or pointers on how to get a debug setup ready? BTW I tried Weiner / Chrome web inspector. Any step by step tutorial would be of great help.


You should be able to do some debugging in chrome on the desktop. This will be your primary place to be able find any issues with your could.


Chrome: Tools --> Inspect devices worked for me, after I changed the emulator platform version to 4.4.

I was using an earlier version (4.0 platform), which is why I guess the WebView was not showing in “Inspect Devices”.


Yes, remote debugging is only for 4.4 unfortunately. Other debugging tools include weinre.