Request: developers test site

Been contributing to the following thread: html5-video-playing-a-local-mp4-video-on-ios
Basically the problem is that the video plays OK except on an ipad.

What would be really great is the ability to publish apps on the site (whilst they are still in development) and ask the community to run them on they systems and report any faults.


What “site” are you referring to?

There is Ionic View. If you upload/push your app, you can send the app ID to any other person who can then test it in Ionic View.

Also you can just upload your code to a publich Github repository and then anyone can clone your app and run it locally.

I tried posting the link but could not figure out how to link the first item and not the last.

I was hoping Ionic might provide a test area - don’t think this forum is the best place as a lot of posts seems to be from users new to Ionic.

Just scroll there or click the “chain” icon beneath the post you want to link to.

Why do you think an additional “area” would see other people than this forum?

I think it needs a NDA clause - otherwise most users would not want to reveal their app before it’s public launch.

Given the lack of replies suggest no one else is interested.

Build it and maybe they will come…

The technological basis is there with Ionic View and shareable App IDs.

(Although I also don’t think there is really a market for this)