Removing prefix nav/n4 from URL?

How can I get URLs as described in ? after 3.5 there is always a nav/n4 prefixed before the segment

Read the changelog for 3.5. They are going to change the URLs again in a future release. I wouldn’t spend any time on URLs yet - you’ll probably have to redo your work again later.


That’s a petty is it is effectively blocking any app that needs stable URL to use the latest ionic … will wait until

Then don’t use the latest Ionic but the one that had the functionality you needed and wait for a release that contains the correct behaviour. Bonus points if you make sure there is an issue with Ionic on Github that includes your specific requirements so the developers don’t have to guess what they are and can take them into consideration.

good news: fixed after :ok_hand:

I really dont get it… here was working with normal urls… and it started to work with /nav path… using ionic-angular 3.9.2

found! =)