Removing Ionic Push properly from app?



I am trying to use OneSignal instead of Ionic push for server side control integration and I need to remove Ionic Push from my app more properly.

What would be the step?

ionic remove ionic-platform-web-client
ionic plugin remove phonegap-plugin-push

and delete codes that is related to ionic push?

how would I remove the .p12 file register things?



We recommend only having one push provider setup with your app. You can remove the plugin part of Ionic push from your app by running the following:
ionic plugin remove phonegap-plugin-push

You can check that it has been removing by running:
ionic plugin list

You can then follow our Cordova/Ionic SDK setup guide. If you run into any error building we recommend following our Clean Build guide.

You can use the same .p12 push certificate file by uploading it to the OneSignal dashboard.