Removed the ability to select a "Channel" when creating a "Web deploy" build

It seems over the past 24 hours Ionic Appflow have removed the option to select a “Channel” when you are creating a “Web deploy” build.

Now instead of being able to get a build deployed to a channel with a single step, you have to create a build, wait for the build to complete (which usually takes a few minutes), then select “Deploy live updates”, then choose the channel and deploy it. It doesn’t sound like much but when you are testing and deploying multiple web builds throughout the day to test on live devices it is fairly annoying.

Why has this been changed, it is never good user experience when you turn something that takes one or two clicks into something that takes multiple clicks with a “sit and wait” in between (whilst the build happens).

Is this a temporary bug or has Ionic made the decision to make this change for any logical reason?