Remove The Keyboard Toolbar

So, I’ve tried the Cordova Keyboard plugin and also this but neither seems to work. Has anyone successfully managed to removed the Keyboard Toolbar?

I tried and failed miserably. So many people have tried but end up with just a white space where the Previous/Next buttons used to be. However, this isn’t really the best place to discuss it. If you’re having trouble with it, you might want to post on that issues or StackOverflow.

I’d be cautious about using it anyway. Ionic Beta 2 and above has methods to adjust the scroll view based on the keyboard. It’s expecting a keyboard of a specific height. If you magically got the plugin to hide the toolbar, then Ionic is still going to adjust the view as if the toolbar was there.

I tried implementing the fix in AppDelegate.m but, couldn’t expand the scroll view to fill the white space. That said, I just had a little conversation on twitter regarding this and turns out the Ionic team has a solution: and it works amazingly well.

Saw that conversation you had as well. I knew a plugin was in the works, but I didn’t know they’d made it available yet. I’m glad to here it worked out well for you.