Remote Images Reloading

Hey Guys,

So I have an app which grabs remote images from an API and puts them in the view.

Works perfectly on Chrome, but on cordova emulation:

  • I scroll past a certain image and it’s out of the view.

  • Once I scroll the image back into view it reloads it again?

Is this a cordova problem / caching? or is it a front-end problem?



Actually - I think it’s redrawing the images?

It certainly shouldn’t reload the images. Can you post a CodePen sample? I can take it and put it on a device.

Ok fixed this error.

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

This made all the difference - It wasn’t applied to the container which handles the displaying of the ‘feed’.


@Papasmurfo On what element are you applying this? .scroll?

Chrome desktop says it’s an invalid property?