Remote debuging crosswalk on chrome M45

After chrome browser updated to the M45 i noticed few things. First, the “Inspect devices” menu item is not showing anymore and i have to browse to “chrome://inspect/#devices” to start the inspect devices tools. I read in some forums that this is a new simplicity in the chrome UI and i cant see any simplicity in this… but at least it worked .

The second thing i noticed is when am trying to remote debug my ionic apps that used crosswalk browser. The remote debug show nothing after i click the inspect. The inspector window is empty . And when i use the devtools on this window to see what going wrong . I get the following in the console

inspector.html:1 Document was loaded from Application Cache with manifest chrome-devtools://devtools/remote/serve_rev/@190708/190708.manifest
    inspector.html:1 Application Cache Checking event
    inspector.html:1 Application Cache NoUpdate event
    inspector.js:4327 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of undefined
    /deep/ combinator is deprecated. See for more details.
    (program):61 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addExtensions' of undefined

And when i click on the “program” in the last line. The inspector window start debuging in normal way !!

This issue only shown with crosswalk.

my setting is :

ionic version 1.6.4
cordove 5.2.0

Any idea what going wrong ? Or how to fix this ?

No answers for you, just a “me too”… It appears that Chrome is reorganizing some things, things specifically in relation to dev tools and the device inspection…

I’ve seen a few other mentions of people experiencing this or seemingly similar issues with this build of Chrome, but no real answers - just speculation that it’s related to the recent updates previously mentioned.

While this all gets sorted out, I’m using a previous build of Chromium (42.0.2290.0), which seems to operate as expected…

Ok… So my workaround was declared prematurely…

It seems that remote debugging is broken across the board for me to some extent…

Not quite sure what’s at the heart of it in my case…

It seems that devices randomly disappear from the device list in chrome://inspect/#devices

I can sometimes get devices to reappear in the list by disconnecting the USB from the device and then reconnecting it - though it will again disappear after a few mins…

Not sure what to make of it…