Remote databse driver

Hi! i’m trying to create an application and i need to interface with an mysql db, how can i connect to it using driver? i know i can use httprequest and php, but it’s not very secure, there is another way to do that?
thank you!

I’d suggest doing a bit more research before going further. People aren’t going to just give you an answer, but we’ll help when you have some code to debug.

thanks, i search a lot, but i can’t found anything, only httprequest or solution with non relational db…
no problem, i’ll try to search again, i was just asking for some hint. no prob! :smiley:

If I understand you correctly, this is way more secure than what you appear to be asking for. You absolutely positively categorically DO NOT WANT to allow direct database access from an Ionic app to a remote relational database, because anybody with a copy of your app binary would necessarily have to have the credentials needed to wreak whatever havoc they wish upon your database.

Write a middleware server that responds to HTTP requests and interacts with the database in an environment you control.

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