Remind user he still need to checkout to complete the purchase when exiting the application

Look for best practice for eCommerce app,

Use case is user add products to cart but didn’t checkout and then exit the application, can be by press home button or back or whatever, I am looking for suggestion how to best remind the user he has items and he need to checkout

I considered those alternatives but wonder if there is better approach

  1. exit confirmation - is there is a reliable hook/callback I can use before user close the application that will fire in all cases? Cordova plugin is fine
  2. server + push notification, when adding a product to basket save this on server and after 1 hour send push notification, don’t like this, complicate
  3. Local background process or timer + local notification - after 1 hour send notification, don’t like this, complicate

Any suggested approach?

Fortunately this is not possible, I would hate it as a user.

This will work 99% of the time.

This will work less as users can force close your app and the background process with it. Background processes also tend to kill the battery and make for a bad app experience.

I would go with #2.

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Thanks for the replay, question:

is it possible to get a reliable hook/callback when the application exit and use local notification to show a line in the event list or it is too late for that when the callback get called?